Volunteer Application

Registration for the 2019 Girls Rock Camp Houston session is now open! Camp dates are Monday, July 22 – Friday, July 26, 2019 at MECA Houston (1900 Kane St, HTX 77007).  The End of Camp Showcase is scheduled for Sunday, July 28, 2019, venue TBA.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Girls Rock Camp Houston, a camp for girls & young women ages 8-18.

We need the help of reliable, dedicated people like you to make the camp happen. We appreciate your time, skills & enthusiasm. Before & during camp, there are a wide range of important volunteer positions to be filled, some requiring musical experience, but not all! All positions are available to female & female-identifying volunteers, with opportunities available for men as well.

We do have opportunities for Youth Volunteers, ages 16 – 18 as well. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator with any questions you may have regarding a specific job and/or to request a Junior Volunteer Application.

All volunteers will be required to attend at least one pre-camp info session and volunteer orientation. You must be 19 years of age and up to volunteer for Girls Rock Camp Houston.

Because our work involves minors, Girls Rock Camp Houston reserves the right to reject volunteer applications.

By completing and submitting the application below, you are indicating that you may be subject to a background check & understand the above requirements.

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Tell us about your experience, if any, working with girls and/or young women, as well as ADD, learning and/or physical disabilities and/or special needs?
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Please read the descriptions to understand the position before filling out the section. Feel free to sign up for one job or several. Please also fill out the section completely if you select that position.

POSITION: Band Manager

Must be available Monday-Friday of camp week 8:30am – 6pm. No musical experience is necessary. Band Managers may double as instrument instructors or band coaches during camp week. Female, trans, and gender non-conforming welcome.Band Managers serve as mentors to the campers and must be available throughout the entire day. Different Band Managers will be assigned to keep track of a particular group of girls, usually grouped by age, and they will need to keep an eye on the girls’ dynamics. They will provide support to students who come with issues such as low self-esteem, difficulties with other band members, or even issues unrelated to camp. Experience working with children in a school or camp setting is a plus. Responsible for checking in their assigned group of campers in the mornings & signing them out in the afternoon. They also walk their campers to & from instrument & band practice, check in with them during lunch, and may have to field questions from parents.
Interested in Band Manager? *
Band manager age preference


Full-time during camp week. No musical experience required. Male, female, trans, and gender non-conforming welcome.A team lead will function as a right hand to the Volunteer Coordinator and may be relied upon to communicate information between the Volunteer Coordinator and other volunteers in your team. Please check if you are interested in serving as a Team Lead for any of the following teams.
Interested in Team Lead?*
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POSITION: Assistant Volunteer Coordinator

Must be available Monday-Friday of camp week 8:30am – 6pm. No musical experience required. Female, trans, and gender non-conforming welcome.

Key communicator with volunteers during the camp week. Acting as support for volunteers during the girls’ camp sessions, as well as participating in training volunteers at orientation sessions, acts as liaison between volunteers and the Lead Volunteer Coordinator during sessions. Often be called upon to sub for volunteers who are absent or running late.

Interested in Asst. Volunteer Coordinator? *

POSITION: Medical Team

Must be available Monday-Friday of camp week, with some scheduling flexibility. No musical experience required. Will need to provide documentation of certifications via mail and/or email to camp staff. Female, trans, and gender non-conforming welcome.

Position is open to people who are doctors or registered nurses. Keeps tabs on all known medical issues, makes sure campers who need regular medication take it, and act as the point person for any first aid needs during the camp weeks. Dispense any camper medications, provide earplugs, attend to both camper & volunteer injuries & special needs.

Interested in Medical Team? *

POSITION: Roadie / Gear Team

Full-time or part-time during camp week. Knowledge of handling musical equipment recommended. Can also work as Band Manager, instructor or band coach. Male, female, trans, and gender non-conforming welcome.

Roadies move and set up equipment when and where necessary at camp each day; tuning and such is a plus. Roadies are especially needed for the end-of-camp showcase, during which they will move, set up, and tune equipment. Transport, set up & break down rooms for instrument & band practice, as well as assist with workshops requiring gear & set-up for guest performers. Lots of lifting & attending to last minute gear requests. Must be able to lift 15 lbs.

Interested in Roadie / Gear Team?*

POSITION: Instrument / Vocal Instructor

Must be available 2 hours in the mornings during camp week (exact schedule t.b.d.). Musical experience required, band experience a plus. Female, trans, and gender non-conforming welcome.

Having experience with working with kids in a school or camp setting is a plus. Instructors must have basic/and or advanced knowledge in the instrument they are teaching and must be prepared to teach students with widely varying levels of experience. Some students will have never had day of practice in their life, and others will have been playing for several years. Responsible for teaching campers drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, or vocals. Instructors also collaborate with other instructors of the same instrument. They can also double as a Band Manager or band coach.

Interested in Instructor? *
Instructor age preference:
I'm willing to teach:

POSITION: Band Coach

Afternoon commitment during camp week. Must be available 2 hours in the afternoons during camp week (exact schedule t.b.d.). Musical experience required, band experience a plus.Female, trans, and gender non-conforming welcome.On the first day of camp, girls will form bands, and each band is assigned a coach. The coach will monitor each band practice and help the band members prepare for their live performance at the end of the camp. The coach will guide the girls in all aspects of working in a band: setting up, tuning, songwriting, learning to play as a group and learning to listen to one another, stage presence. The coach will help students break down instruments after each practice and at the show. She should also be prepared to mediate the occasional dispute. Assist an assigned camper band during band practice. Offer suggestions & keep the peace while campers create their original song. Also, keep band managers & instrument instructors informed if tensions are running high or campers want more information on their instruments. Coaches can double as band managers or instructors during camp week.
Interested in Band Coach:*
Band Coach Age Preference:
I know how to play:

POSITION: Child Care

Full-time or part-time during camp week. Childcare experience is a plus and musical experience is not required. Female, male, trans, and gender non-conforming welcome.

In order to make our program as accessible as possible, we offer pre-arranged, on-site childcare for children of volunteers and campers. If you are willing to hang out with and play with kids of volunteers and campers, this is a job for you!

Interested in Child Care Position? *
If part-time, when are you available?

POSITION: Floater / Runner

Full-time or part-time during camp week. Music experience is not required. Runners must have a vehicle available for use during camp hours and a cell phone. Scheduling is flexible. Female, male, trans, and gender non-conforming welcome.

These volunteers called upon for the various tasks essential to the success of the camp. Floaters might be sent to Kinko’s or the hardware store, to fill in for a volunteer who can’t make a shift, and to generally be available for whatever comes up. Runners might be asked to complete off site tasks such as picking up supplies, equipment, or food items.

Interested in Floater / Runner?*


Full-time or part-time during camp week. Flexible scheduling. Can also work as a Band Manager. Music experience not required.  Female, male, trans, and gender non-conforming welcome.

Members of the food team will be in charge of obtaining food donations, picking them up, planning meals, organizing serving, and cleaning up for volunteer breakfast and lunch. They will be in charge of camper snacks. In general, parents are asked to send lunch with their child. However, we will make sure that all of the girls are fed a lunch.

Also in charge of dispensing daily afternoon snacks to campers, with options for those with food allergies. Also responsible for clean-up in kitchen & cafeteria areas.

Interested in Food Team? *
If part-time for Food Team, when are you available?

POSITION: Showcase Team

Available on Sunday for the Showcase, prior to sound check through the concert. Music experience not required. Female, male, trans, and gender non-conforming welcome.

These volunteers will help organize and operate the end-of-camp showcase. Positions will be needed for running sound, stage management, putting up posters at the venue and around town, publicity, creating programs, and clean-up for after the show.

Interested in Showcase Team? *

Workshop Opportunity

POSITION: Workshop Instructor

Part-time commitment during camp week. Must be available for 2 hours in the afternoons during camp week (exact schedule t.b.d.). Female, trans, and gender non-conforming welcome.

No musical experience required. Are you an intelligent, creative, sassy lady that would like to lead a workshop at Girls Rock Camp Houston? Instructors will educate campers in different age groups on particular areas that directly relate to women in the music industry. We are now accepting proposals for workshops. Please email proposals to, volunteer@girlsrockhouston.org.

Interested in Workshop Coordinator?*
I'm willing to lead:
Please indicate proposed workshop or area of expertise:
Do you bring any technical or other special talents and skills to camp (not just music related)? Are there subjects or activities outside of those listed that you would be interested in bringing to camp?
Anything else you want to let us know?
Can you commit to the info session and orientation prior to camp and shifts during camp ?*

Thank you for completing the application!